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From the Selectors who brought you TNGC Radio & The New Groove Collective


Zay FM

Eclectic No Nonsense Funky Acid Jazz

Nu Elements Bluesy World Beats of Underground,

Independent, Upcoming & Good Music.

A Unique Way of Life

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Over several parallel universes we have

met and worked with a lot of

Creative Artists, DJs & Selectors,

Event Organisers & Mischief Makers

who all wanted to reach the same goal

to provide music lovers with a flair

for the groovy stuff and to keep

the festival vibe going whether

your listening to the sounds at work,

home or a humble dwelling...

we still till this day stick to this

funky earthly philosophy


the selectors

on Zay FM

David Bosoty

The Groove Point

David Bosoty on Mixcloud

Bluesman Talkin'

Bluesman Talkin' on Mixcloud
Bluesman Talkin' on Twitter


Nigel Lewis

A Hertfordshire Soul Boy who can't live

without the groove. His shows will be the

start and the end to your evening

Greenboy on Mixcloud

Jake Stern

(Zowah Zay)

After years of searching for some pretentious new sound Zowah Zay quit while they were ahead and picked up where they started. With various indie outfits and distorted rock outlets to their background experience, they wanted to do what they liked best. The Funk...The was time to put on their sunglasses and let it all out.


Earth Boot Vibes / Mash-Up Meltdowns Jake's Eclectic taste pours his soul into his selections

- George Waistcoat


Zowah Zay forever keep you entertained with their warped sense of musical craziness

- TNGC Radio

Jake Stern (Zowah Zay) on Mixcloud
Zowah Zay on Facebook
Jake Stern (Zowah Zay) on Twitter

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We think when it comes to social media

we're sure you want to see, hear &

interact to the kind of things we enjoy

when it comes to catching the time

to drop tracks that create

the perfect vibe

hopefully these sites can update you

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All about the Music

Every now and then if you ever lose your

way in and think some sounds and sites

are just not quite cutting it

remember it's all about the music

so enjoy yourselves